Privacy Policy & Security Information

You may browse and access information contained within this website without providing any personal information. You do not have to supply personal identification information or business account information through the website to consult us about our services. We have provided our contact number and email as means of direct contact and will only ever record your information with your permission and consent.


How We Use Your Information

Where you voluntarily provide personal information, we will only use that information to communicate with you regarding our services and, where applicable to arrange carrying out agreed-to work.


How We Protect Your Information

We will not sell or allow third parties access to your information.

S2 Pictures complies with the GDPR policy and respects your rights to have access to your personal data, or to have it erased upon request, and/or corrected if it is inaccurate.


All photos or recordings, and other personal data will be kept securely to protect against unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information. We archive our media recordings (photos and video) so that we can update your projects by reusing existing relevant assets, rather than reshooting material each time. If this is not required please inform us and we will disposed of them securely when the project is finished.


Photography and Filming

Images of individuals, whether in still photographs or video images, will often be caught by the definition of personal data in the Data Protection Act 1998. In many cases consent from the individuals will need to be obtained in order to process (capture and use) the images fairly and lawfully.

Consent will be obtained from people whose image is the focus of the photograph or film via means of consent forms.

Where we wish to use logos, social media pages and tags, brand names, and/or any other property of a company we complete a contract for in order to co-promote a project or exhibit clips for example portfolio purposes, consent will be officially obtained beforehand.


Photography and Filming in Public Areas or at Events

When filming in a public area or a large group of people it is not necessary to get the consent of people whose image is captured incidentally in the background.

S2 Pictures will display a warning notice to flag up that photography or filming is going to be taking place so that any individuals who wish to opt out may leave or move to an area where they will not be filmed or in focus. 


Withdrawing Consent

An individual captured in an image can withdraw their consent even after having signed the consent form. Any such withdrawal should be in writing.

Once consent is withdrawn S2 Pictures cannot use the relevant images again, but it will not normally be possible to recall any media productions in which the individual’s image has already appeared in once materials have been exhibited.